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New lens guarantees happiness…. almost! Saltbush Surf and Leisure Port Augusta have recently stocked not one, but four types of the Spy Happy Lens including the Discord, Flynn, Cyrus and Helm. Want to find out MORE about the one and only Happy Lens? We have plenty of details in helping to find the perfect Happy Lens sunglass for you.

The Spy Happy Lens is one of a kind. The Happy Lens is designed to maximise the transmission of the suns “good” rays while blocking out the “bad” rays which helps enjoy colour and a higher level of contrast.  The Happy Lens was scientifically proven to be beneficial to your mood, alertness and circadian rhythm (mental, physical and behavioural changes).

Scientific results from test subjects stated that they preferred the Happy Lens over premium sunglasses not just for the concept, but for the attributes including blocking glare, clarity of vision, and colour and contrast enhancements. Each sunglass is guaranteed 100% UV protection.






This 80’s inspired piece is big and bold as the era that inspired it. Made with 6-base polycarbonate ARC lenses and sturdy 5 barrel hinges, this is not one to miss out on! The Discord Happy Lens is available in the Ken Block 2015 Livery Series frame and the Happy Bronze w/ Light Blue Spectra is available in store NOW!







Try out these future shock oversized shields. Made with a 4-base polycarbonate ARC mono-lens including pin hinges, this Happy Lens is featured with the Ken Block Livery 2015 frame and the Happy Grey Green w/ Pink Spectra lens. This sunglass is definitely one to come try out!



Made with a 6-base polycarbonate ARC lens and integrated hinges, the Helm Happy Lens sunglass is available in store now. Featured with a Smoke Tort frame and a Happy Bronze w/ Purple Spectra lens, why not come try out the vintage inspired sunglass.



 Also a part of the Ken Block Livery Series, this sunglass is brick solid on the sides so you can rockhard at the front. Made with a 6-base polycarbonate ARC lens and sturdy 5-barrel hinges, come in and check it out! The Cyrus includes the Ken Block Livery 2015 frame and Happy Bronze w/ Light Blue Spectra.

 Now for your opinion! Come into Saltbush Surf and Leisure today and test out the Spy Happy Lens. See the change, feel the change as soon as you put them on.

By: Jessica Press

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