Inflatable Stand Up Paddleboards

Stand up paddling is heaps of fun and a great workout. One option is the Inflatable SUP.
For some an inflatable SUP it is the perfect option.
There are so many awesome benefits to using and inflatable stand up paddleboard. Here are some of my favorite…

  • Compact. They can be deflated and make such a small package for a big board. They fit in almost any car boot. You can carry them on your back walking or even on your bike. You can even take it on a plane, super convenient.
  • Lightweight. Most inflatable SUP’s can easily be carried by one person using only one arm. This makes them so easy to take anywhere.
  • Convenient. Unlike a conventional board, inflatables can be stored anywhere and transported anywhere you need to go. You can even leave it in the boot for that last minute decision.
  • Rigid, yet seem to have a soft surface. Most people are surprised to see how rock hard they are when inflated to their maximum psi. They have a traction pad on top to help with grip and are stiff enough for surf yet soft enough not to hurt you when falling on them.
  • Strong. You will be surprised at how rugged and strong these boards are. They are nearly indestructible and totally ding proof. Even over the rocks at the shacks. But be sensible they are not indestructible.
  • They are long lasting. With the proper care your inflatable SUP will last you a very, very long time.

When deflated in their carry bag, they take up very little room and can be stored almost anywhere. It’s like a large duffle bag and you can take it almost anywhere. The paddles fold up and the pump goes in the bag, making you totally self sufficient whether on fott, bike or plane.I pack mine in a large rolling duffel bag and take it with me when traveling by airplane.

They are versatile, fun and great for people of all ages.

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