Stand Up Paddleboarding

Stand Up or Sit Down

Over the years we’ve sold many Kayaks but it’s time to move on to something even more fun and with a huge side benefit of improving fitness massively. Finally the price on Stand Up Paddleboard has come the sub $1,000 making it a much more affordable sport. And it’s so much fun!

Stand Up Paddle boarding also has huge health benefits to those with back problems who need a strong core.

The health aspects of Stand Up Paddleboard (SUP) are amazing without considering the FUN factor.

The most obvious benefit is an improvement in balance as experience grows. With that balance comes a great workout for all the core muscles. From the leg muscles controlling balance and stance, the core is engaged right through and worked maintaining an upright position on a moving board.

The arms and shoulders work at paddling and using the water tension to move forward and stay upright.

Of course it’s a great low impact exercise. SUP Paddling is one of those things that look way easier than it is. Saying that it’s not that difficult to master the basics but the toll on the legs and core for the beginner is amazing over a short space of time.

It doesn’t take long to gain core fitness but you’ll be amazed how much exercise you get from something that looks so easy.

SUP’s vary in all shapes and sizes from inflatable (super handy) which can be put in the boot of any car, to soft moulded, epoxy and even long race versions.

There is even a push for yoga SUP where crew will paddle out and practice yoga poses on the water for the ultimate in stability workouts.

Is it for you? Come and have a crack with our demo boards and make your own mind up, it’s free simply contact the shop for the next session to suit you.

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